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“Every software as a service entrepreneur should be so fortunate as to work with the team at Software Equity Group. From our first meeting, until the morning of our acquisition they have been absolute pros and know how M&A processes work in our industry. SEG advised me, and the Artez executive team, in many ways which made the company better and better as we prepared for its sale or investment to the right partner, at the right time. When FrontStream appeared as Artez's ideal acquirer, SEG was invaluable in supporting our negotiation of the LOI, due diligence and the final purchase agreement.”

James Appleyard, Former CEO
Artez Interactive, Inc.


I was a skeptic as to the value an M&A advisor could provide.  I was wrong.  SEG over delivered. I learned more in the first 45 days working with SEG than in six years running the company.  SEG was able to quickly recognize and articulate Acumen’s strategic value, engage with buyers at a very senior level, and position the company to maximize synergy.   They simplified the complex .  The result was a great home for Acumen and a financial outcome that significantly exceeded expectations. 

Dr. Dan Patterson, Former CEO
Acumen, Inc.

"When it was an opportune time to sell our company, I wanted the guidance of M&A experts who specialized in software. We interviewed five firms and selected Software Equity Group because they understood both my business and exit objectives instantly and knew precisely how to best present our value proposition to strategic buyers.  SEG  then found us the ideal acquisition partner, negotiated the most favorable deal for both parties, and provided superior guidance to our board and executive team through every step of the transaction.   I’d engage them again without any hesitation."

Jason Moreau, Former CEO
Cytiva Software, Inc.

“Software Equity Group is an investment bank whose core attributes are skill, honesty and reliability; it’s a firm that truly honors its commitments.  During the height of the worst economic recession in decades, Software Equity Group deftly took A.L. Wizard, Inc., a health care SaaS solution company, to market.  SEG quickly generated buyer interest, and promptly secured three viable offers, one of which we accepted and successfully closed.  I have the utmost regard for their integrity, perseverance and attention to detail.  Their seasoned negotiation skills and their unique ability to manage both the seller's and buyer's expectations were simply invaluable.” 

Rose Lochmann, Founder and Former Chair
A.L. Wizard, Inc.

"SEG did a really great job for us.  Their knowledge, experience and persistence enabled us to overcome the trials and tribulations of our deal and get to the finish line.  I would never think about doing a deal without Software Equity Group "

Jay Farr, Founder and Former CEO
Pace Systems Group

"When I decided it was time to sell my software company and retire, I wanted the counsel of M&A experts in my type and size of business.  I interviewed 10 different firms and selected Software Equity Group to represent me.  They understood both me and my business instantly and set out to find strategic buyers that would recognize the value we had built over the years.  Their search provided 3 viable offers and allowed me to select one that best met my exit objectives.  They let me know what to expect every step of the way and, as a result, the process went much quicker and smoother than I expected.  In the end, I got the strategic deal that I wanted and my employees and clients benefited too.  I would highly recommend them to other software companies!"

Roger Nelson, Founder and former Chairman
System Innovators, Inc.

"Over the past twenty years in the software business I have worked closely with several M&A advisors – both on the buy and sell side.    In my experience, Software Equity Group stands head and shoulders above them all.   Strategically, VantagePoint Systems was ready to join with a larger organization that shared our vision for the company.   SEG found us the ideal acquisition partner, negotiated the most favorable deal for both parties, and provided superior guidance to our board and executive team through every step of the transaction.   I’d engage them again without any hesitation."

Jim Hennings, Former Chairman and CEO
VantagePoint Systems (TSX-V:VPG)

"In our business and personal lives we make decisions every day.  While most have no long term impact, a few of these few decisions have significant implications – for ourselves and others. The decision to sell the vibrant and growing company I founded and led for 28 years was made after considerable thought and discussion.  It was important to our management team and our Board of Directors to select an investment bank that would represent us with skill, professionalism, industry expertise, persistence and a demonstrable commitment to excellence.  We found all of that, and much more in Software Equity Group, as well as a terrific human side. They counseled and nurtured both me and my management team with wisdom and were at our side every step of the way. The ultimate outcome was a win-win in which we achieved all of our exit objectives and our buyer acquired a terrific company with a highly motivated team. Thank you to Allen, Ken and the entire SEG Team for a job well done."

Ellyn Luros-Ellson, Founder and former CEO
Computrition, Inc

"Software Equity Group delivered on all its promises. They described the process clearly and honestly, and in just seven weeks negotiated a terrific, highly creative deal with a public company buyer and facilitated the closing of our transaction."

Pamela Coker, Former President & CEO
Acucorp, Inc.

"The Board of our public company decided to change our direction and market focus by means of strategic acquisitions. After a careful vetting process, we selected Software Equity Group to represent us in that process.  With extraordinary insight and expertise, they helped us truly understand the markets and better define our acquisition objectives. They identified an array of highly attractive candidates, astutely assessed and valued each, and negotiated, structured and closed a transaction that achieved and exceeded our acquisition objectives. The Street loved the deal, and our trading price increased almost 100% in the weeks following announcement. Bravo!, Software Equity Group, we couldn't have asked for a better outcome."

Richard Snyder, Chairman and CEO
Asure Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:ASUR)

"SEG was perfect for us.  Their deep knowledge of privately held software companies, combined with their banking expertise, industry contacts and solid reputation was precisely what we needed.  They guided us with wisdom and skill through the entire process to an outcome that achieved our goal."

Dennis Clerke, Former CEO
Alignent Software

“We were approached by a prospective buyer, and with so much riding on the outcome, we chose SEG to represent us because of their reputation and track record. It was clear from the outset we had chosen wisely. They understood our business and grasped our value proposition from the inception, led us deftly through a very complex and sometimes difficult process, and skillfully negotiated an exit that enabled us to truly realize the fruits of our labours. We are profoundly grateful."

Steve Cook, former CEO
Welcom, Inc.

"Software Equity Group did a first rate job guiding us through the acquisition process. Their skill, and their persistence, enabled us to get the price we wanted, with excellent deal terms. I highly recommend Software Equity Group, and wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future."

Gary Troop, former CEO and President
C/S Solutions, Inc.

"Since we were based in Cape Town South Africa, thousands of miles from a potential acquirer, selecting the right M&A partner was of critical importance. Experience, trust, professionalism and a proven track record were all crucial requirements. Software Equity exceeded our expectations on all accounts with a very structured yet strategic approach to all aspects of the acquisition, attention to detail and excellent communication throughout, which ultimately led to the successful sale of STT in the US. We could not have done it without them."

Geoff Lander, former CEO
Software Training Technology Ltd.

“SEG laid out a strategy, process and timeline. Looking back, I am amazed at how accurate their original predictions were. It really was as if they had a crystal ball. SEG’s professionalism and persistence resulted in an offer that actually exceeded our expectations. They were there for us through the whole process. I am amazed at how happy I am on the other side of the deal. I do not have the words to properly communicate the positive impact that SEG has had on my company and its shareholders. They changed our lives."

Stan Usry, former CEO
Concord Business Systems, Inc.

"We selected SEG for its deep and specific knowledge of the software industry and its extensive experience with other mid-sized software firms of our type. Your advice throughout was direct, clear, thoughtful and insightful. The negotiating skills you brought to bear both significantly increased the value of the transaction and kept the process friendly and professional. We at DDI were extremely pleased with the resulting transaction, its valuation and its terms. We could not have done it without you and would unhesitatingly do it with you should the opportunity present itself in the future. We deeply appreciate the great job!"

Bill Denniston, former CEO
DDI, Inc.

"We would have never made it through the process without Software Equity Group. They added 40% to the selling price we could have negotiated on our own, structured the deal to put the most money in our pockets, and managed the process from start to finish. They truly care about their clients."

Randal Moore, former President
Frontier Analytics, Inc.

"Your guidance through the recent acquisition of our company was invaluable. No company should have to 'go it alone' during such a critical process. It needs others on the team who are experienced with complex transactions, from valuation to negotiation to final closing. With your help, we realized the full value we had hoped to achieve. Thank you! We couldn't have done it without you!"

Terrence Wynne, former President
Wynne Systems, Inc.

"We'd used other M&A firms in the past and were very disappointed. Software Equity Group gave it to us straight from the beginning-no punches pulled. They described the game plan, the timeframe and the challenges that lay ahead. Then they executed the plan, met the timeframe and overcame the challenges. When it was done, I'd sold my company. They're my hero."

Jerry O'Connell, former President & CEO
Structured Computer Systems, Inc.

"Software Equity Group helped us more than we could have ever expected. They're truly experts in software and IT service companies. They qualified buyers, negotiated effectively, enhanced our valuation and closed the deal, battling on our behalf until the very end. They were always available, coaching and making us feel like we were their only client."

Alec Maxwell, former President
Exigent Computer Group, Inc.

"Software Equity Group did an admirable job helping us locate buyers for our company in very difficult market conditions. They were creative, committed, insightful, and highly professional. We were delighted to have had them on our side"

Ralph W. Koehrer, former President & CEO
Media DNA, Inc.

"As a publicly held French software company seeking U.S. acquisitions, we had limited knowledge of the North American market. SEG was clearly our best choice. They identified some 100 prospects and guided us through every phase of our 2 recent acquisitions. They're great negotiators and true professionals. We will certainly work with them again."

Bruno Vanryb, President & Founder
Avanquest Software (formerly BVRP Software, S.A.)

"My advice to anyone seeking to sell a software or internet company:
CALL SOFTWARE EQUITY GROUP! They were there for us throughout the entire process. Ours was a particularly complex situation, with lots of diverse interests to satisfy. SEG had the skill and took the time to structure a transaction that met everyone's needs"

Sharon Lyons, former President
Visible Decisions, Inc.

"When we hired an M&A firm we had great expectations. They were met fully. Software Equity Group found the right buyer, maximized our value and guided us every step of the way."

Dave Sly, former President
Cimtechnologies Corporation

"Software Equity Group has an uncanny ability to speak the language of small company seller and the very different language of big company buyer. They were indispensable to the sale of our company, maximizing our valuation and guiding us through every phase of the process. We slept better knowing Software Equity Group was on our side."

Alex Paley, former CEO
Acrotrex Corporation

"We engaged [Software Equity Group] to initiate an acquisition on our behalf and serve as our advisor. They performed admirably. Their industry knowledge, strategic focus dealmaking skills and wise counsel enabled us to target and successfully complete an acquisition vital to our future!"

Richard Meise, former President & CEO
Microtest, Inc.

"Software Equity Group understands the value and potential of privately held software companies better than anyone else in the industry."

Rick Gregg, former President & CEO
Prism Resources, Inc.

"They deliver what they promise. We initially retained the firm to survey and analyze a potential new market. Their work product was insightful, timely and complete. We've since retained the firm to assist us with acquisitions and were most pleased with the results. We consider them to be a highly valuable resource and trusted ally."

Greg Petras, former President & CEO
National Health Enhancement Systems, Inc.

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