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Software Equity Group’s complimentary 3Q13 Software Industry Financial Report is now available for download. Our 3Q13 Report provides the facts, data and insight you need to keep your finger on the software industry’s pulse.  We’ve assessed how public software, Internet and SaaS companies performed in Q3; how they've performed amid the current macro environment and technological disruptions driven by mobile and cloud computing and how their stock prices and market valuations have responded.  Our 3Q13 Report also measures M&A deal volume and exit valuations overall and by software product category.  Our goal is to provide timely information and insight about the financial health, market performance, and acquisition activity of the software industry's key players and product sectors.

Regular readers of our research reports will notice we have changed our report format.  As the software landscape has expanded in scope and complexity, so have our research reports.  Based on feedback from our readers and our own internal desires to provide useful and accurate analysis and data in ways that are quick and easy to digest, we decided it was time to change.  Going forward, we expect our reports will continue to evolve in order to provide the software industry with the most holistic and informative industry view in the market today.

Software Equity Group’s Quarterly and Monthly Reports are widely recognized as the best way to keep your finger on the financial pulse of the software industry.  As testament, our reports are now read and relied upon by more than 70K+ software industry executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, private equity investors and professional advisors in 70+ countries around the globe.  Shouldn’t you know what they know?

If you'd like to see additional information or have problems downloading, please contact Kris Beible at: kbeible@softwareequity.com or  (858) 509-2800 .  If your Report does not download, please turn off your web browser's pop-up blocker.

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