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Choose Wisely

An experienced, savvy advisor can significantly improve the odds and enhance the outcome. The right advisor must bring to the table a unique combination of financial skills, industry expertise and market insight. SEG Capital Advisors can be distinguished from other firms on the basis of our...

  • Expertise. We are investment bankers with profound knowledge and understanding of the software industry and the technology markets we serve.
  • Reputation. Our firm is well-known and highly respected by software and technology entrepreneurs, public software company senior executives, venture capitalists and private equity firms worldwide.
  • Experience. SEG Capital Advisors has guided, mentored and represented more than one thousand software and technology companies worldwide, including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.
  • Insight. Some 10,000 industry decision makers in 26 countries rely upon our research and analysis of the software and technology equity and M&A markets.
  • Integrity. We are strongly committed to success and enjoy an impeccable reputation for integrity and professionalism.
Our Approach

SEG Capital Advisors approaches every engagement strategically, as well as tactically. After carefully analyzing and evaluating all relevant client information, we engage in an extensive and very frank dialogue with each client about its specific transaction objectives, parameters, options and challenges. Utilizing our industry expertise, investment banking knowledge and the wisdom gained from successfully advising clients since 1992. We then develop specific strategies designed to achieve these objectives. As important, we execute these strategies with diligence and skill, relying upon proven processes, an unmatched industry network, and an outstanding reputation for integrity and professionalism.

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